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South Travelers is a solution oriented company, with passion and client satisfaction as its core philosophy, looking ahead for new trends and possibilities to integrate in our offering and provide quality services to our guests wherever they travel with us.

South Travelers Story

Our journeys focus on creating the best itineraries by combining visits to Ecuador, Peru, Chile, Panama, Guatemala, Costa Rica, Colombia, Mexico, Honduras, El Salvador, Argentina & Brazil among other destinations.

Using the vast experience we have accumulated working in the tourism industry for more than 30 years, we work with our clients to create the best packages aiming to provide the finest experience of each country, by combining destinations or tailoring the itinerary for a single country visit.

Our Mission

To share with our clients Central and South America´s wonders: nature, cultural treasures and its inhabitant’s way of living and approach to life.

Our Vision

To be a leading Tour Operator in the region providing integral solutions, innovative itineraries and combinations with the goal to give the visitors the best travel experience. We are socially engaged with the people we interact in each country by respecting their way of living.

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